Trail Runner Hybrid Battery 1.15Ah

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Trail Runner Hybrid Battery 1.15Ah (3.7V LiPo) is designed to use in combination with the Hybrid battery case. It is USB rechargeable, compact and lightweight. Fits the Trail Runner series along with the Hybrid battery case (purchased separately).

The battery meets IPX5 standard: Water resistant; withstands heavy rain and water from any direction. The battery is easily charged via a micro USB cable and has a charging time of 2.5 hours. The LED battery indicator lets you keep track of the charging status.

Important: make sure that you have the Hybrid Battery Case in order to be able to use this battery. It is included with all Trail Runner Free headlamps, if you have an older Trail Runner headlamp you should purchase the case along with the Hybrid battery.

Stay warm for better capacity
The battery capacity could depend on your body heat as well as the outside temperature. The long extension cord from Silva gives you the option to carry the battery close to your body. This could be crucial in many ways. Keeping the battery as warm as possible in cold weather extends its burn time.


Choose the right battery
Our battery line-up gives you the opportunity to find the right balance between burn time and weight. The Trail Runner connection plug enables the use of either our USB rechargeable battery or the Hybrid battery case!

Article number 37829
Battery type

Li-Po 3.7V 1.15Ah / Hybrid Battery

Compatible with

Hybrid Battery Case & Trail Runner series

Connection plug

Silva compact connector (round)

Charging type / time

Micro USB / 2,5h

Water resistance

IPX5 – water resistant

Battery indication



Withstand 2M drop into wooden floor TBC

Temperature operating range

20°C – +60°C TBC

Storage temperature

-20°C – +35°C TBC