Instinct PX 3.1l Pack

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PX \PE.IKS\ : the simple, lightweight & minimalist option for carrying your essentials.

Road & trail, for 1 hour, for 20km or your next marathon.


Unparalleled focus on ACCESSIBILITY, intuitive BODY GESTURES & EXTREME racing CONDITIONS are core components of INSTINCT’S inspiration.

DROP your [belt]SLING on the [PX!

  1. Optimize storage, accessibility & function with minimal overall body contact.
  2. Experience outstanding stability, liberty of movement & instant adjustability.
  3. Achieve a lightweight, flexible & ultra breathable solution without sacrifcing strength or reliability.
The three DNA pillars:
  • Ergonomics
    • Perfect fit.
    • Stability in all conditions.
    • Unconstrained breathing.
    • Adjustability on the fly.
  • Function
    • Customized storage of equipment, hydration & feed during any distance.
    • Lightweight & breathable without sacrifcing strength or reliability.
  • Intuition
    • Optimal positioning of pockets & adjustments for natural, effortless & intuitive access.

Pockets & Solutions

  1. 2 hydration pockets +600ml + elastic cord with auto lock.
  • Sits high for immediate and effortless access.
  • +650ml soft flask and bottle compatible.
  • 2 feed storage pockets +500ml
    • Extra-large storage and easy access.
  • 1 shoulder pocket +100ml + non-stretch internal cord ring + whistle.
    • Safety essentials and more ...
  • Pole solution
    • Front : vertically right & left.

    Pockets & Solutions

    1. Top horizontal pocket +600ml + velcro locking system.
    • Easily access your rain gear right from the first drop!
  • Bottom horizontal pocket +300ml. + snap button closure.
    • Access to your safety kit, headlamp ...

    Adjustments & Fitting

    • 2 "Double S" elastic cross lacing with auto lock.
      • Side adjustment "on the y".
      • Vest stability and perfect t guaranteed.
    • 2 adjustable chest straps with buckles mounted on 20cm sliders.
      • Easy lock & release in any weather conditions.
      • Custom t vertically and horizontally.
    • Length adjustment of elastic cords. 
      • The plastic end caps can be disassembled:
      • Carefully remove the top portion with the use of a blade.
      • Adjust to desired length and cut excess cord.
      • Re-position top onto end cap until clipping into place.