Fire Maple Outdoor Personal Cooking System

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Fire Maple Portable Outdoor Oven Personal Cooking System Hiking/Camping Equipment Propane Gas Stove Burner Set FMS-X2 Pot

Attention please there is no gas canister in the package.

Star cooking system is a very high efficiency combination, with heat exchange on the bottom of pot, it can enhance the heat efficiency around 30%.
Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Silicone.
Open: Ф254*265mm
Folded: Ф133*205mm
Max Output Power: 1500W
Load bearing: 5kg
Suitable: Leisure and Explore
Weight: 600g
Boiling 1L water only take 3’ 05”

Package include:

1 set of cooking system

1 Gas Stove (FMS-103)