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Pina Colada Energy And Hydration Endurance Drink Mix - 2 Pack

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Any longer effort requires both solid foods and drinks. Now drinkable calories are not limited to sugar-based productsstripped of their natural nutrition value.

A new gentle infrared drying technology brings a new product category to the market. It allows for highly nutritious high-quality portable products, with true taste, wholesome nutrition, and vibrant colors of fresh food. They offer a stable shelf life with no preservatives added.

This product contains prebiotics that helps your microbiota stay in healthy conditions!

Your gut microbiota is critical for your whole body's well-being but also for your endurance. There is a link between gut bacteria and your ability to perform well at endurance events, especially those which last a long time. Anaerobic conditions created in your digestive system during intense exercise cause a release of toxin into your system. Prebiotics help to maintain gut microbes in healthy conditions and limit the negative effect of exercise.

What to expect?

  • Light and refreshing
  • Fulfilling and satisfying
  • Slightly sweet
  • Fruity