Insane Inside

Insane Inside - WTF! Trail Cap

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Toeing the line and want your inspiration level set to 110%? Ready for a big day out and want to show it? It's time to grab your WTF cap on the way out the door!

Thelove and the craziness of trail running and an outdoorslife filled with hard-fought Type 2 fun really shine through in this cap. The mix of bright colors and fun, livelycartoons makes our WTF cap a must-have if you are someone that's, well, more than a little Insane Inside from time to time.

Whether you need a little boost of adrenaline for race day, or that cappuccino is not quite getting you out the door, we suggest trying our recommended dose of WTF!

Made from65% polyester 35% cotton. Printed in Italy.